Where Does Your City Rank?

I live in one of the least literate cities in America.

That’s sad.

Maybe I need to move to Minneapolis.

That seems to be where the book lovers are!

How did the city you live in fare?


Maybe you should go out and buy a ton of books to raise your ranking! We may have made a dent in the rankings for the state of North Carolina. Many of our authors congregated there over Valentine’s weekend for an author event.

Check out the pictures at


Claire Collins is the author of Images of Betrayal and Fate and Destiny


2 Comments on “Where Does Your City Rank?”

  1. I’m a N.C boy. The library in my hometown was so small I read everything in it twice.
    But the Internet is gonna close the gap. At least now the info is out there for everybody.


  2. I absolutely loved North Carolina. The people were wonderful and the weather was fabulous.
    I came back to the desert and told my family that if I could get a job there, I’d move in a heart beat. It reminded me of where I’m from. I’m a Missouri girl.

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