On April Fool’s day of this year, I quit smoking. I found the date to be very fitting since I was a smoking fool for over 21 years. Yes, I was barely out of the womb when I started. I was young and stupid. Those were the good ol’ days.

So I traded my nicotine addiction for a new vice.

I’m now addicted to Cheerios.

I’ve tried to quit smoking four times in the last two years. I gained forty pounds trying to quit. This time, I grab cheerios when I get a craving.

I love Cheerios. Do you realize how many kinds of Cheerios there are? Apple cinnamon, strawberry yogurt burst, multi-grain, honey nut… the list goes on and on.

The worst part of my new addiction is holding the cheerio while I light it on fire and inhale.

21 Comments on “Addictive”

  1. Hi…sorry my link didn’t work for you. I posted some possible solutions. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Your link is great! It’s user error. We will get to the bottom of it.
    Until then, I’m having withdrawals. I ran out of cheerios.

  3. alantru says:

    Looks very nice here, Claire. Sorry about the delay visiting.

    I too was a career smoker. My thinking was that I couldn’t be creative without them. Of course it was just my addiction lying to me, but I was always willing to listen to my addiction. I thought he was such a friendly little guy… Still, it’s been five years now and I don’t miss it… Much… Um, say, you gonna finish that cheerio…?

    These days I just annoy people by not letting them smoke in my house. Ah yes, there’s no one more righteous than a reformed sinner.

    • Alan, Nice of you to come visit. You aren’t delayed. The party’s been over at your place lately!

      Glad you like the redecorating. It’s much lighter feeling, I think.

      My addiction wasn’t a nice little guy at all. He was a sneaky conniving little life stealing thief who is still right behind me every time I turn around. I can hear him whispering, “Just go buy one pack and take one drag. You will feel better.”
      Then I remember that a pack of cigarettes is $7. I also remember that I’ve had bronchitis and sinus infections at least 6 times in the last year and I’ve had pneumonia two years in a row.

      So yeah, Cheerios. They’re much better for me.

      You know I’ll share my cheerios with you, but you will have to bring your own matches.

      • alantru says:


        The good news is that each day the cravings subside a little more.

        Very soon that sneaky conniving little life stealing thief will be snuffed out.

  4. I quit 8 years ago in July after 15 years of smoking (I, too, started fresh out of the womb, which actually isn’t too much exaggeration since both my parents smoked). I went so far as to roll my own and I smoked them filterless. Yes, I was a regular hillbilly with my wee little pack and a half a day (at least) habit. I am so glad I was finally able to quit, but I must confess that when I turn 70, I’m totally going out and buying cigarettes. I will embrace my addiction fearlessly, because if I make it that far, who cares? I always figured I wouldn’t make it to 30, so it’s all gravy from here.

    • Bkt, Thanks for coming by!
      Both of my parents smoked too, and I remember them quitting cold turkey. It wasn’t pretty. My dad started again after quitting for 15 years and my mother says she still has cravings. I’ve rolled my own in a pinch and pinched the filters off of light cigarettes. That’s such a low point of addiction.

      I’ll take up smoking again too if I live to 70. The way my life is, I will probably take that first puff, start coughing, give myself a blot clot from the smoking and keel over dead!

      • It was my pleasure reading this. Lighting cheerios is hilarious. But if that removing filters thing was your low point, you’ll be fine. You don’t even want to know mine. Good luck. Let’s go have a drink and a smoke when we’re 70, yes? At least we’ll die in good company.

      • It’s a deal BKT. We’ll meet in about 40 years and go have a drink and smoke. It’s pretty sad that we are planning to party more in our 70’s than we do in our 30’s!

  5. nursemyra says:

    is one flavour more flammable than the others?

    • They burn so fast that it’s hard to tell. I have to light them up then suck up the fumes really fast.

      Now I’m concerned about my own flammability since I am so full of cheerios.

      I wonder if I’m more flammable than the next person? I guess it’s a good thing I drink lots and lots of water!

  6. I’ve been smoking for 14 years now. Still smoke. I would like to quit, theoretically.

    Everyone should. I can’t think of a single reason why I still do other than I like it. And that’s mostly psychological. It certainly can’t be because it makes me look cool.

    All these other people quitting, can’t be that tough. Then I’ll have to undergo a 6-8 hour stretch without one and it seems like all these quitters are some sort of superhumans with the self-control of Bhuddist monks.

    My hats off to you quitters. I too hope that someday I’ll be among those who have given up on something.

    Of course, now I want one. And a bowl of cheerios. Don’t know what that means but I also remember heading directly to the bar after watching “Leaving Las Vegas.”

    • Clt,
      I’ll send you the cheerios. I have plenty.

      Over the years I have tried to quit many many times. I had the same problem. I LIKE it. I still like it. I still want to do it in the recesses of my mind.

      I think the best advice I’ve gotten was from a friend who said, “First, it’s an hour and you make it through without smoking, and then it’s a day, and before you know it, it’s been 20 years.”

      I want to be alive in 20 years so I can look back!

    • CLT, if we weren’t all the kind of people who went drinking after LLV, we probably wouldn’t be smokers, either. I’m still a smoker, I just don’t smoke anymore.

      Anyone who says they started for any reason other than “It makes me look cool” is a damn liar.

      And I liked it. A lot.

      Plus it made me look cool.

      • I started smoking for all of the obvious health benefits. I couldn’t wait to get emphysema, or if luck was really with me.. lung cancer.

        And let’s not forget the wonderful aroma it left on my skin and clothes. The beautiful hue it left on my teeth.

        Yep. Health reasons.

        And besides, it made me look cool.

  7. George says:

    That last sentence had me choking on my drink. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hiya George!

      You’re very welcome. It was my pleasure to make you choke.
      I mean.. I’m not happy you choked, and I didn’t really make you choke. Your choking didn’t really bring me pleasure. I’m not totally sadistic.

      Most of the time.

      You didn’t spew drink on your computer did you?


  8. Since this is an older post I won’t even try to be funny, haha lol.. Anyway if you went back to smoking or are still craving, then read “the easy way to stop smoking” by Alan Carr. I smoked for 15 years and was able to quit painlessly. It’s been a year now and I still lhaven’t had a bad craving! I hope you are still doing good!
    Oh now I see what you meant with your comment yesterday. I guess we both have stlye!!

  9. Well that is a better addiction. I am glad to see that you kicked the habit. I have been reading your blog and I must say that I love your stories.

  10. Thanks Dad! Er I mean, thanks Eric! (Dadddy to be. But not mine…)

    I’m glad I kicked the smoke demon too. I feel great!

    And I’m glad you like my stories. Im flattered.

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