Funny and Sweet – Time’s running out!

My friend Bearman is doing a great thing

Not only is he a very entertaining cartoonist, but he’s also going to donate to the FreeStore FoodBank.

 Bearman is only doing the promotion for another week so jump over and help out.

 Also, there’s only a week left for submissions to the Murder On the Wind contest.  This is your chance to enter to have a short story posted in a mystery anthology. Read the instructions and email your 5000 or less short mystery story to


Thank you!

24 Comments on “Funny and Sweet – Time’s running out!”

  1. Bearman says:

    Thanks for reposting!!!

  2. Very nice of you. I am fortunate to have so many great and wonderful people around me. You and Bearman are perfect examples of everything that is good in blogging and in this world. Bravo.

  3. alantru says:

    Claire… You… giggled… And I’m gonna guess you giggled like a schoolgirl! (And I thought that was my thing.)

  4. alantru says:

    Maybe. Possibly. No.

  5. Bob Trusty says:

    LOSTL! Sounds great! I might write a short story about a young red haired boys finding of a missing shoe! A COMFY SHOE!


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