Happy Days

Lately, life’s been handing me the pits instead of the cherries and I haven’t been my usual happy self.

I’ve been downright sad and depressed. I hide it well.

It’s time to shake it off so I’ve been trying to keep positive influences in my life.

So many of you make me laugh and smile and that helps me shake the blues off.

I want you to help me. When I get down, music always lifts me back up and soothes my soul. 

Please share a song with me that makes you happy.

It can be silly, happy, or sentimental, as long as it lets us share a smile.



According to Ivan, this says “You know what? Just see it. Deal with it.”

And that sums up how you beat the blues.

57 Comments on “Happy Days”

  1. Ivan says:

    Did you say cherries?? This is so freaking awesome… did you see my today’s post before you wrote cherries?

    Please check it out and enjoy it! http://xoogle.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/acinte/

    By the way, I hope you get your happy self back soon! 🙂

    I know you don’t understand Portuguese, but I offer you a song that always brings me up when I’m down. Enjoy the melody and the rhythm.

    • OMG the cherries are so damn awesome! That’s crazy! and for you to be my first commenter too.

      I didn’t get to your blog yet today so I had no idea. How could that NOT make me grin from ear to ear? 🙂
      Thanks Ivan!

      And the video is fantastic! I wish I understood what she’s saying. What’s the song about?

      • Ivan says:

        A minha sorte grande foi você cair do céu
        minha paixão verdadeira
        Viver a emoção, ganhar teu coração
        pra ser feliz a vida inteira
        É lindo teu sorriso, brilho dos teus olhos
        meu anjo querubim
        Doces dos meus beijos, calor dos meus braços
        perfume de jasmim
        Chegou no meu espaço mandando no pedaço
        O amor que não é brincadeira
        pegou me deu um laço,
        Dançou bem no compasso,
        de prazer levantou poeira
        poeira, poeira, poeira
        Levantou poeira
        Chegou no meu espaço…

        My great luck was to have you falling from heaven just for me
        You my true Love
        To cherish the feelings, win your heart then live happily for my whole life
        Your smile is so beautiful, the shine from your eyes, my cherubim
        The sweet from my kisses, the heat from my arms
        The scent of jasmine
        You came to my world and took full control
        This love which is not a joke and entangles me
        Danced on my rhythm
        And turned my world around*


        * “Levantar poeira” is an expression we use which literally means to ‘lift off the dust’. It means a change from a quiet and sad environment to a new and cheerful one.

        Try to shake your booty and sing along


  2. I wanted to help until I found out this wasn’t a blog about my favorite rockin’ fifties show “Happy Days”. For the record Tom Bosely was totally underrated and Chachi sucks!
    Perhaps this will cheer you…

  3. alantru says:

    Sorry you were feeling blue, Claire.

    We all get the blues once in a while. And, no, I’m not going to suggest a blues song.

    Although just having music in my life makes me happy. Really, it can be (and I’m just checking what was lat played on my iPod)… Fats Waller, Spoon, The Heavy, James, The Chameleons, Joy Division (yes, Joy Division can make me happy), The National, Emma Pollock, The Dandy Warhols, Dead Can Dance, Fountains of Wayne, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, Delroy Wilson, Narrisa Nadler, Cold War Kids, The Noisettes, but when it comes right down to it… This piece of music ALWAYS makes me laugh.

    • My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She withdrew from everyone. I just found out she succombed to the disease last October.

      You’re wonderful at this game, Alan. That is absolutely a smile song. It also give me great memories. My daughter and I play “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “A spoonful of sugar” and we sing along.

  4. York Mills says:

    Hee hee…

    • I pushed play on this and as soon as it started, my oldest son started singing along. That made me laugh as much as the song did. He’s 18. I asked him, “How in the world do you know this song?” He said he watched that episode a million times and he loves that song. He sang the whole thing… wow.

      Cracked me up. Thanks York! Ya dun good old man!

  5. Ivan says:

    I’m a very rational and cartesian person by default. But I have to admit that this whole thing with cherries, then the top box I wrote yesterday was really impressive and, as you said, cosmic.

    Allow me to share another Brazilian song that’s made me smile. I wont provide a translation for this one cause the message is very self-explanatory and part of the narration is in English. It talks about environment which is a theme that touches my heart. The chorus says earth mother water… enjoy the beat and the amazing graphics.

  6. It’s all hopeless anyway, why bother? They say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A flaming chunk of horseshit that is. If life gave you lemons, you think life also gave you a cup of suger, a pitcher, and a mixing spoon? I fucking doubt it!

    Sorry, we were cheering you up, yea? I love me some Marley for a mellow and happy vibe. Personally I’ll listen to hip hop, rap, and metal as well. Anything to get your blood flowing again. Eminem’s satirical shit might work. It’s such a personal thing, music, it’s what works for you. Although I would see the resident expert CLT for this kind of advise. I would probably stay away from ‘Bright Eyes’ tunes and Johnny Cash doing ‘Nine Inch Nails’ covers though. Far, far away.

    • Yeah Scott, thanks for um … cheering me up.

      The Johnny Cash doing the Nine Inch Nails cover was very interesting. CLT has some good stuff over there. You didn’t leave me a song that makes you smile though.

  7. nursemyra says:

    I actually listen to sad music when I’m sad. Figure I may as well wallow while I’m down there……

    sorry about your friend, Claire xx

    • Thanks Myra,
      I’ve been wallowing too long. I can feel it deep down and it hurts and the longer I stay down there, the worse it gets. It’s time to come up for air.

  8. Don’t know how to link youtube in comments but Barcelona with Freddie Mercury while not making me laugh always gives me the chills and gets me pumped up. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. Taj Mahal’s Hello Josephine from his newest Maestro release makes me wanna rock in my car…

    I understand the down times… can be tough but is nice to know that we can make it through to the other side! Though this is a difficult subject, thanks for going there and allowing the rest of us to get some new happy songs!
    I posted a Fats Domino song this morning….music in the air.

  10. Here’s a couple of videos to cheer you up, Claire.

    The Deathset – Around the World

    (Nevermind the band name. This track makes me want to get up and go do something. Anything. Kind of a “I’ve got your number, world. I’ll be asking the questions.”)

    Here are all the lyrics:

    We go around the world and we do what must be done.
    A top secret mission
    And our enemies are wishin
    That they had a bigger gun

    Yeah we do our best
    And we do our best
    To look good doing it

    Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

    This video is also a blast to watch. Upbeat, funky and featuring a dancing Christopher Walken.

    Enjoy (hopefully).

    • Clt,
      You’re incredible.
      Thank you for the DeathSet lyrics. I can see you taking on the whole world. Part of my problem is that I’m fighting the whole world all the time. Sometimes, the world wins. That does make me want to get up and do something! World domination! I can already hear Scott scrambling to come up with a plan.

      Walken – holy shit.

  11. bschooled says:


    I am sorry to hear about your friend.

    For some reason when the song “Mr. Wendall” by Arrested Development plays on the radio, it always seems to cheer me up. Technically it probably shouldn’t, since its about a homeless man who has no money for food or shoes, but it helps me recognize that I am extremely fortunate in many ways. It also makes me realize that compassion for others still exists in the world.

    During these times I also tend to stay away from anything David Gray or Marilyn Manson-ish.

    PS. I have been by your blog a few times, and not only are you an extremely talented writer with a positive outlook, you have a great number of people who care about you. It’s only a matter of time before this feeling will pass…


    • Thank you for the kind words B. I knew if I asked, a ton of womderful people would come through for me and make me smile. And it worked. I feel much better today than I did the day I posted. Things happen that we can’t do a thing about, but it’s how we respond that makes a difference.

  12. whackadoodle says:

    Its tough. I am too easily messed with by music. I always enjoy “Intergalactic” by the Beastie Boys. Especially ever since I caught my almost-five-year-old son doing his interpretation of the robot to that song, it was such a perfect fit.

    A real stretch if you’re household is not in cartoon mode is “I’m a Pretty Pretty Princess” from Amy Poehler’s cartoon – The Mighty Bee. “I’m a pretty pretty princess, its a full time gig…”

    • Hi Whackadoodle! Thanks for coming by. Did you see Fundamentaljelly’s “Sexy robot” above? My mind is melding both videos and songs together. That is way freaky.

  13. I have no music, but want to say I understand. Consider these words an incredibly uplifting musical interlude that sets you back on your feet.


    Feel better?

  14. duncanr says:

    I tend to listen to music that matches my mood – so when I’m ‘down’ it’s sad songs that grab me.

    Here’s a ‘happy’ song though that I defy anyone not to smile at.

    Unfortunately YouTube have disabled the Embed Code but here is the link to The Lion Sleeps Tonight as performed by the Kinder Hippo and Dog

  15. Bob Trusty says:

    WOWSERS Claire! I love music and mum always has a radio station on so our house is always filled with music!

    Im a Britney Spears Man, so my song is “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”. Its an uplifting song about growing into ones own skin!

    So lovely. Just like you, Claire!

    Keep at it, some days are better than others and they’re the days that remind you how good everything can be!


    • My goodness, Bob. That’s a very interesting song choice. Brittney actually had it together back then didn’t she? There’s just something about you being a Brittney Spears man… I find the song very fitting, and you’re absolutely right that some days are better than others. Thank you!

  16. I don’t have a quirky video to show, manly because I don’t know how to put one into a comment. What I have learned and what has helped me through the down times is this. Through my 4 years of psychology training I have come to the realization that we all feel just about the very same emotions. Now that’s not the part that makes it easier. Simply knowing that little tidbit makes you want to say, “Big deal.” Here’s the catch. For most people who are going through troubled times, they feel that they are all alone in this struggle and, consequently, their feelings, whatever those are.
    The part that makes you better is to connect your knowledge that others have felt this very type of grief and have, in some way, overcome. So, that signifies that what you are felling now is only temporary and that soon it will dissipate and you too will overcome.
    Those before you are no better than you, they have no better coping skills, or some superpower, they are simply people who have felt the same feelings of doubt, pain, sorrow, depression and a whole list of symptoms and yet they, just like you can and will, overcame the adversity. Chin up and know that these troubled times are but a blip in time.

    • Eric, That was very profound. I think all of those head injuries clicked just right today. I feel so much better today than I did a few days ago, and I came here for a pick me up because I know others have been where I’ve been. I was kind of hoping this post would be a nice place for others to come find when they are feeling like I was feeling. Maybe someone will wade through the videos and laugh a little, realize it feels good, laugh a little more, and before they know it, they’ve moved on to better days.

      Is that too much to ask for?

  17. Ivan says:

    So glad you feel “so much better today than” you did a few days ago. People like you, girl!


  18. marstead says:

    Considering the name of your publisher and the story behind the song (written for a friend who killed himself), I’d say, “Second Wind” by Billy Joel…

    • OH I love that song, and I never even thought about the Second Wind connection which of course makes me like it even more. Absolutely a smile maker! Thank you, Marstead and thanks for coming by!

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