LIFE – All of the Moments Added Together

I’ve been missing for a week.

What do you mean you didn’t notice? Gee, thanks. I’m going to write anyway.

So, for the past week, I’ve been working like crazy and spending a little time living life. I’d much rather Live life like crazy and spend a little time working, but it just isn’t working that way. Someday it will.

Yesterday, my fourteen year old son played his first High School Freshman football game. He didn’t get to play Pop Warner or football in junior high. The closest he’s come to getting to play on a team has been the rag tag session of all of the neighborhood kids tackling each other in my front yard and throwing passes the length of the street. I assumed that Joey wouldn’t have enough experience to play and I anticipated he would be on the sidelines for the entire first game.

How wrong I was. This boy played defensive end for most of the game. I’m usually proud of this kid anyway. He is in three advanced placement classes, he is the first one to encourage other kids, he always treats his dad and I with respect and even when he picks on his little brother and sister, he doesn’t overdo it to hurt their feelings.  All around, Joey is just a great kid.

 He’s number 84.

Towards the end, he will turn and look at me and then you can hear the group of girls sitting behind me yell his name. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a great kid.

Here’s another short little video of him playing. It’s grainy because the camera was full and my battery was dying thanks to my younger children recording themselves jumping on the bed – but that’s another story for another day. 

 I cleaned out my camera, so next week I will get more video. Every Wednesday for the next couple of months I will be taking time out to share a few moments of life.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and catch a football.



40 Comments on “LIFE – All of the Moments Added Together”

  1. Ivan says:

    Way to go proud mommy!!!! Keep enjoying life. Sometimes we tend to think that love is pain, life is a sacrifice, and that only the hard work matters. Happy for you!


  2. I can’t comment on kids because of my personal family difficulties.

    Anyway , welcome back and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


  3. duncanr says:

    Hi Claire

    Just curious – what’s that tucked down the back of his trousers?

    Some kind of drink in a bottle?

    Or is it some type of ‘poobag’ (see frigginloon’s blog)

    P.S. thanks for giving us a glimpse into part of your life

  4. Just a week, Claire. Honestly, it felt like a lot longer than that. With all the blog-closings (and re-openings) and vacations, announced and unannounced, I was afraid you had gone the way of the dodo (or Rooster).

    Oh, yeah. Screw horse racing. Football is the sport of kings. (American-style, that is.) Speaking of which, my Sundays will soon be booked.

    Thanks for the post and videos, Claire. Your son looks like a keeper.

    • Thanks CLT. I didn’t plan to be away for a week, it just kind of happened. In ten years, we might see your cubs out there on the field. I really don’t think there’s anything like it.

      I’m still not too sure about those girls behind me though!

  5. Sia McKye says:

    What fun for Joey. They’re sure growing up fast, aren’t they? Jake is a freshman too this year and yikes, weren’t we just rocking them to sleep last year? sigh…

    We don’t have football program at this high school. Sheesh. Jake loves to play soccer and football and he’s at a school that has neither. His school has basketball and baseball programs both of which leave him cold.

    Thanks for sharing the video too. 😀

    Hugs to you!

    • We were rocking them to sleep last week Sia. Mine kept telling me to get out of his room. I told him to clean it…

      I couldn’t believe they didn’t have any sports at the junior highs here. I can’t believe Jakes school doesn’t have football! Okay, you can Jake can just move here for the school year and he can play football with Joey!

  6. Pat Bertram says:

    He’s number 84? Has a good ring to it. I wonder if that will ever replace the usual “He’s number one!”

  7. Vicki says:

    Americana! I love it! The other thing I loved was hearing your voice! Makes you even more alive to me!
    You’re a good Mommy and friend!

    Go # 84!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vicki! I can hear you cheering but I hate how I sound! (thanks!) What you couldn’t hear were the two little kids sitting on either side of me grabbing my arms while I was trying to record. I learned that their attention lasts until half time and that’s it so from now on, we’re packing a goodie bag with games and snacks to occupy them.

      It’s funny you were over here watching football while I was hanging out on your front porch… 😉

      • Vicki says:

        HaHa! I know, funny huh? Well, what are neighbors for, I do to your place…you go to mine!

        • Vicki says:

          oops type…”go” not “do”

          • However, given your background, you could certainly “do” my place up right. It’s kinda blah and lived in. You get that with four kids. Someday, I’m going to paint the walls and everything will match. I think that will last about a day until the kids figure out it’s supposed to match then it will be ugly again

  8. The world needs more moms like you Claire. Kudos to Joey.

  9. NobblySan says:

    It’s great to see your kids out there and competing, but above all else – enjoying it!

    Mine were never particularly sporty, although No1 son was a bit of whizz at Ju-Jitsu and Lovely Daughter is heavily into equestrian stuff.

    BTW – how many bloody players are there in that bizarre version of rugby that you lot play?

    • Someone other than me will have to answer that one. I asked my husband and he said 64 due to offense, defensse, special teams – after that, I kind of zoned out on him. Then he said 11 on a team. So maybe that’s the answer?

  10. yorksnbeans says:

    Enjoy all your Wednesdays this fall!!

  11. Gryphon says:

    aren’t home movies grand? 🙂 And the Internet adds an quantum leap to what they were when I was a young one and my father got out his Super 8 movie camera.

    • It was neat to be able to immediately upload those and then send links to family across the country so they could see him in action.

      The same night the game happened, my mom in Colorado and my sister in Mississippi could both see the videos.

  12. georgeford says:

    That’s fantastic! I know you were so proud! 🙂

  13. frigginloon says:

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  14. Lynn says:

    claire, i’ve only just started coming to your blog. so far you seem to be a good mom and i can tell you are proud of him. yes, it seems the girls are fond of your son too!

  15. Have you lined out any sponsors?

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