Lost and Found then Missing Again

I’ve been working.

I swear.

So, I really miss everyone and I hope you haven’t forgotten me.

I will be making the rounds soon to say hi.

Until then, Please feel free to hop over to my sister’s blog and help her make fun of me. Or maybe she’s making fun of Molly Ringwald. I can’t be sure.

Suzette Vaughn

 What are sisters for? No really, because I’ve been trying to figure that one out for decades.

~ CC

78 Comments on “Lost and Found then Missing Again”

    • Thanks, Professor.

      And you came bearing music. You’re the greatest.

      • I rarely go anywhere without it. And rarely in its original form.

        It is good to see you again. I was a little more prepared for this drop off the face of the earth, having been broken in by your previous disappearance a few weeks ago. Still, it was a little quiet in here.

        Lots of coming and going in blogland lately (I’m staring pointedly at you, Alan). Mostly going.

        Cena sends his regards. He says that he has a “solution” for this complicated long division problem, but it requires “working it out by hand.” He also states that you need to “show your work,” which is probably a violation of several local statutes, especially if done in a classroom.

        But that’s neither here or there. Well, it’s here, at my place. Not so much there, as in your place. But I thought I’d drag him into this anyway, kicking and ejaculating.

  1. Apparently you think sisters are for zipping up in bean bags.

  2. alantru says:

    Hey there Claire,

    According to those in the know (and that’s not me) Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves…

    • I love it. You give me a video telling me women don’t need men. I guess with a message like that – women really are doing it for themselves arent they?

      • alantru says:

        Haha! Indeed they are. Of course, having a faithful dog around the house is always a good thing. 😉

        Nice to see you back, Claire. I hear you loud and cl

        • alantru says:

          Hah! That was weird… “Hey wordpress, I wasn’t finished yet!”

          …Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely cut off… I hear you loud and clear on the present being busy…

          Great to see you, Claire! You were missed.

          • Wow. That was just like when you call someone and have to leave a message but the voicemail cuts you off before you finish and you have to keep calling back and talking faster and faster so you can get the whole message out in pieces before the voicemail cuts you off again and then you always remember just one more thing and then you call back and start all ov-

  3. Gryphon says:

    I haven’t forgotten you and I keep checking in.

    I also have linked your sis in my blog, have been visiting her regularly, and am thinking of writing you out of my will in favor of her.

    Sister’s are for providing a kidney when you need one or for pretending you are dead when they can’t get over s stupid grudge. Take my sister. Please.

  4. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re back. And you are back. I’m hoping that these panic attacks and rashes will now start to subside. Maybe Cena has a left field solution for my ailments? Did you lock your poor sis in a sleeping bag and push her down the steps? I used to do that to my little cousin. He got me back though by having Suge Knight dangle me off of a 20 story rooftop. He always has to have the last word, I swear. It’s great to see you. You have (and better not be again) been missed!

    • 1) I’m back at the moment, but still working a lot. I can hear my future calling but it makes the present pretty sucky

      2) Cena may have the cure for what ails you if you’re willing to rub it all over. I hear it’s good for hair. Lots of protein.

      3) I did zip her inside a huge bean bag when she ws two because she wouldn’t stop following me around and annoying me. It didn’t occur to me that she would suffocate in there. I blame our mother. Why wasn’t she watching one of us?

      4) Think I can get Suge Knight to pay my sister a visit?

      5) Just remember that I always come back, especially when you’re sick and tired of seeing me. (I missed you too)

      6) ahem. Alan and CLT both brought music to hail my return. *tapping foot impatiently*

  5. Gryphon says:

    After hearing you reprimand Scott, I felt chagrined.

    and so.

  6. Donald Mills says:

    Blogging siblings! Interesting. I’ll be sure to visit and send brother York over as well. Welcome back Claire.


    • Donald, Always a pleasure to see you and you know I adore York. I’ve already been over to your place.

      • NobblySan says:

        Oh no!

        Please Claire, don’t encourage the old fool. I’m still apologising to the neighbours after the time that Truitt abandoned him on my doorstep.

        The postman still won’t come within 30 yards of the house, and neither will local vicar after that unfortunate incident with York, the goose, and the tube of KY jelly.

  7. I have no idea ’cause my sister has a penis. I can tell you brothers hate being referred to as “Sisters with Wieners”. On the other hand, I always wanted a sister to call, “My brother with a vagina”.

  8. For a minute there I thought your sister was Susan Vega

  9. Iz gotz me a little. Thank you for exposing me and making me feel ashamed, but then, what are Blog Sisters for, if not to make you cry?

  10. frigginloon says:

    Hmm, so how broad minded is sis? Can I leave my usual friggin loon comments without fear she will rock in a corner for weeks? OK, you twisted my arm, I am off to wreak havoc…see ya 🙂

  11. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    You are the hardest working person I know. I’m always in awe of what you accomplish.

    Sisters making fun of one another? lol! Yah we do! It’s part of the fun in having a sister or two.

  12. Sheila Deeth says:

    I’m enjoying wandering through your posts.

  13. Are you related to Vince Vaughn?? Can I get an autograph..not for me for someone else.

  14. George says:

    We could never forget you, Claire. You’re one of the high points of our internet experience. 🙂

  15. 25BAR says:

    and how are you doing today?

  16. I don’t know how anybody could confuse you with Molly Ringworm…I mean Molly Ringwald.

  17. Vicki says:

    So glad you’re back!

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