Wish List

I know, I know, I know. You guys were wishing I would create a new blog.

Your wish has been granted.


Now you have to answer three questions for me since I updated my blog for you:


1) What do you want for Christmas?


2) Tell me the nicest thing you did this year so Santa knows if you deserve to get what you want.


3) Tell me the naughtiest thing you did this year so I know if you get what you deserve!

48 Comments on “Wish List”

  1. yorksnbeans says:

    Can I play even if Santa doesn’t visit me? Okay, then….

    1. Would I be asking too much if I asked for 20 followers?

    2. Hmmmm….the nicest thing???? Darn, I can’t think of anything. I’m always nice though. Does that count?

    3. The naughtiest thing would have to be using the “F” bomb a wee bit too much.

    • Bean, I didn’t mean to be Holiday insensitive. We can absolutely make this a Hanukkah wish list as well although I know I’m late by a couple of days.

      1) Only 20? How many do you have now? Let’s see how many more people we can get over to your wonderfully funny, entertaining and interactive blog. The Ugly Sweater party is going to be a blast http://yorksnbeans.blogspot.com/

      2) You are always nice!

      3) oh my, I know I’m guilty of that one too.

      • yorksnbeans says:

        Oh, I’m so happy you called me “Bean”. That is my nickname in the real world! I like YnB, but to see “Bean” is like meeting up with an old friend!

        I said 20 because I’ve been stuck on 14 for the longest time. Now, I must keep in mind this number only accounts for my Google Friend Connect followers, which I think are Blogger users. I really don’t know for sure though. I took it off my blog because it was an embarrassment. Everyone else who shows it on their blog has like a bazillion followers. I tend to attract WordPress folk. I wonder why that is?? Could it be that we’re all a bit wackier? 😉

  2. Gryphon says:

    1. Justice

    2. I did some stuff to get a bad guy to fix something that was endangering the lives and health of some children. Don’t want to be rewarded for it though.

    3. Not telling.


    • 1. oohhhhh justice? Justice against who? Or what? When, where, why how?

      2. Is the deed itself enough of a reward?

      3. aww c’mon. Tell.

      • Gryphon says:

        1. Against an evil man who has been risking the life and health of children whom he is supposed to be nurturing in a so-called “christian” organization and with whom I have had the extreme displeasure of having to deal–and for his own aggrandizement. I am currently working to bring about the justice by revealing his wrongs. Look for a post hopefully before too long in the Aerie.

        2. Indeed.

        3. Nope

  3. Who died and made you Santa?! Mrs. Claus? Oh, OK…

    1. I don’t want anything for Christmas. I do not enjoy the “once a year gift exchange”. If the desire is present, I buy it, be it for me or you.

    2. Helped an old lady pick out eggs at a supermarket.

    3. Placed a threatening call to a person with whom I was involved in an insurance dispute.

    • There’s a little piece of Santa in all of us.

      1. I bet your kids are really disappointed on Christmas morning? So, what’d you get me?

      2. Why didn’t you just lay her some?

      3. That’s pretty bad, Rooster. I don’t know if we can overlook that one to keep you on the “good list”. . . Ah who are we kidding? We both know you’re permanently on the Naughty list. 😉

  4. Good questions, CC. It appeals to the “me” in all of us.

    1. Spring.

    2. Stopped the written abuse of Clive Cussler for a couple of months.

    3. Rained on the Facebook “Sylvester Stalone Fan Club” by pointing out that they had misspelled his last name. (This could mean two things: his fans are not too bright or he started this fan club himself.)

    Welcome back, Claire.

    • It’s all about “you”, honey.

      1. Spring already? It just hit 75 here and got comfortable. Are you trying to roast me out again already?

      2. I noticed that and I’m proud of you. I know that too a lot out of you.

      3. I would think that would put you on the good list and not the naughty one.

      Thanks CLT.

  5. spilledinkguy says:

    Oh no! This requires some serious thought! Brain … not … responding! I’ll have to reply to my reply with a better … um … reply! 🙂

  6. NobblySan says:

    1. Peace, quiet, and the chance to relax (fat chance!)
    2. How come I only remember the bad things?
    3. How come there are too mnay of them to pick out a single one?

    • 1. Send some of that my way too please.

      2. Because you have to do a good deed to be able to remember it.

      3. Because you’re you?

      (way to creatively dodge the question – Now your secret santa will never know what to get you)

  7. WHAT Good health without any prescribed medications (currently 9 a day FFS)

    GOOD Took the damn tablets as prescribed…

    BAD Took a sneek peek at Saucy Monday at trippinwithrip, once only.

    • 9 a day? That explains your cheery disposition.

      Maybe you should double them?

      That’s not that bad. I think it’s acceptable if you look every Monday, and then you can look at Nurse Myras Gimcrack Hospital on Fridays.

      (Santa does it too)

  8. Bearman says:

    Instead of 20 new followers, I’ll take 10 new commenters.

    2. Did some volunteer work, tried to raise some money for or profile of several non profits.
    3. Might have been sarcastic a time or two.

  9. 1) http://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/christmas-wish-list/

    2) I helped an elderly lady bag her groceries. It was the least I could do. She was slower and molasses and held up the line.

    3) I yelled at my mother. 😦

    • 1) Hey copycat! I posted mine first. I do have to say though, I want that lighter too.

      2) That was very nice and self-serving of you!

      3) Oh my, that’s pretty bad. As a Mom, I have to tell you that you’re a bad boy. (And don’t you say “Ahmnodt”) In my house, if you yell at me, I yell back and ground you. Do you want to be grounded?

  10. pat2xpamii says:

    1) What do you want for Christmas?


    2) Tell me the nicest thing you did this year so Santa knows if you deserve to get what you want.


    3) Tell me the naughtiest thing you did this year so I know if you get what you deserve!


    • Hi pat2xpamii!

      I think God and Santa share notes.

      You disobeyed your parents? As a mother of 4, I have to say that every kid does it but you should still do what they tell you. It really is for your own good. (I did mention I’m a mother of 4 right?)

      Disobeying your parents? (Sigh) Did you see that Ahmnodt yelled at his mom? That’s just bad. Poor Moms cant get a break.

  11. zeusiswatching says:

    Relocation to somewhere else.

    I can’t think of a thing.

    I’ll plead the fifth on that one.

  12. 1) What’s wrong with where you are? Where would you like to be?

    2) Nothing at all? There has to be something 🙂

    3) Your list too long? You and Nobbly both!

  13. I’m wondering if Zesis lives in Mississippi too. So I’ll take that one relocation and raise one dentist with a very lenient payment program.

    Just yesterday I gave a girl and her baby a ride, so she didn’t have to stand in the rain (which stopped for the moment, first time in like 6 days) waiting for a bus that was already 20 minutes late.

    I’m a good little girl…really I am. Even if I have been neglecting my blog, pissing off my sister, and dreaming of men other than my hubby. Maybe I should shut up before I try to list them all.

    • Ok, one relocation and a Desperate for dollars dentist. I think that’s reasonable.

      That was a very good deed although not one I would recommend. Did you know this girl? If I did that, the baby would end up being an uzi wrapped in blanket and the girl would end up being a meth addict wanting to sell my car for a fix. (Never mind the body in the truck. It’s free)

      Good little girl? Who are you kidding? Neglecting the blog?? That’s horrible! Truly demonic – Awfully… well okay it’s not that bad. I’ve had the same problem. Dreaming of men other than your husband? Okay, I’m guilty of that one too. (But I’m not mentioning names). And pissing off your sister? You awful, horrible, mean… yeah Okay I do that one too. A lot. I think you’re forgiven on all counts.

      As for me… well.. I never once claimed to be a good girl.

    • zeusiswatching says:

      South of the Mason Dixon line but not that far South.

      I’m willing to borrow from what I’ve seen here.

      Still taking the Fifth on #3.

  14. Since no one else has pointed this out, where is Claire’s answers?

  15. nursemyra says:

    I wish for books, books, books.

    My nice thing was driving a patient’s daughter home after she became upset at leaving her mother with us for respite care. After 40 minutes of listening to her complain about her corns and her hemorrhoids I dropped her off and did my naughty thing….. stopped at the pub for a reviving glass of wine and pretended not to notice the daughter of another patient drooping over a jug of beer in the corner of the bar. Enough already…..

    • zeusiswatching says:

      Books are a wonderful thing to wish for. Books, more books, and a million dollar gift card for Amazon would be nice.

  16. George says:

    Hmm…let me see…

    1) I want that new Frappe Mr. Coffee machine that I just saw advertised on TV. I’m tired of spending the kids’ college money at Starbucks.

    2) I helped a little old lady who looked quite confused find a product she was searching for in Wal-Mart. All of the employees kept bypassing her and she seemed too proud (scared?) to ask for assistance.

    3) I took the largest slice of pizza first from my wife’s office party before anyone else could open the box. 🙂

  17. frigginloon says:

    1)Hannity gets the sack 🙂

    2)Told someone there was a fly in their wine

    3)Not telling the person next to them there was a fly in their wine too!

  18. purple says:

    1) to see others smile that deserve to smile for a change

    2) (hopefully) showed my daughters that I love them, instead of just saying it or worse, not saying it enough

    3) 18 year marriage, 3 year separation & divorce, one-night stand, reconnected with ex for the last 10 months (fingers crossed) (naughty and nice interwoven)

    p.s. less snow and warmer temperatures would be a great stocking stuffer!!

  19. frigginloon says:

    Merry Christmas Claire, you procrastinating writer you 🙂

  20. Ivan says:

    Belated Merry Xmas!


  21. Dr. Spots says:

    Has anyone seen my wine and cheese ball?

  22. Where did you go? America and parts of Finland miss you!

  23. NobblySan says:

    Christmas is so ‘last year’.

    Where are you!!!!

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