Where have I been and Where am I going?

People often ask me where my stories come from.

Actually, anyone who knows me knows exactly what my life is like and where my stories come from.

Here’s an example and it will explain what’s been going on.

On January 11, 2010, I gave my resignation at my job so I could move from my home in Arizona to my new home in North Carolina. I don’t really have a new home there, but I would be staying with friends until I could find a new home. My family was going to join me in May once the kids were out of school for the summer.

I gave my notice and I was moving to North Carolina to open our bookstore, Barnhill’s.


Did you really click that link? I’m not there yet! Save it for later. I’ll tell you when. Now pay attention.

Within an hour of giving my notice, my husband arrived home to discover we had been robbed. My first concern was the saftey of my fifteen-year-old son, Joey. He hadn’t felt well that morning and stayed home from school. My husband leaves before me in the morning and didn’t know my son was home sick.

He was still in bed, sleeping.

However, earlier in the day, he woke to discover the kid who lives behind us coming in the back door. They scared each other with Joey yelling, “What the hell are you doing in my house,” and the kid taking off running and jumping back over the fence. Joey went through the house. The living room looked fine and my bedroom door was still closed so he went back to bed.

My husband came home, opened the bedroom door, saw the blinds askew, the window open, and my laptop gone. Apparently, when Joey surprised him, the kid was coming back in the house after taking his first load of stolen goods out.

Word quickly spread through the neighborhood and reports of seeing him carrying my laptop began to circulate. The police came and took a report. Word from the grapevine got back to us that the kid was trying to trade my laptop for a gun or enough money to buy a gun and he was coming back.

Everything that was gone was just stuff. Sure… my laptop had my latest book on it and some personal stuff like our Christmas pictures, but I have most of my book on backup and the pictures are just pictures and video.

The scary thought was that if this little punk had a gun when he broke into my house, he probably would have shot Joey. And if not at my house, he wouldn’t stop breaking into people’s houses and someone would die.

This was supposed to be a happy week for me. After a lot of planning, it was time for me to take the next big step in my life. I was packing and planning my trip.

On Tuesday, my husband remained home in case our visitor returned as promised. He was seen several times and the police were called but they didn’t come out.

On Wednesday, I was coming down the street from work when a neighbor tried to squeeze between me and parked cars. He hit the mirror on my truck and it folded. His broke. He called the police and said I hit him. Hours later, when the police came out, they stopped by just to let me know that he wasn’t pressing charges but he did have witnesses. The “witnesses” didn’t mention they spent every Friday drinking with the “victim” or that they weren’t actually outside or in view of the accident.

After that, we changed our plans. We’re all  moving. I’ve been packing. This neighborhood has gone downhill and I don’t feel it’s safe for my children. Yesterday, they arrested the kid, but he will probably be released today. He had one of my rings in his possession and the police impounded it. It’s now being held as evidence. The kid confessed. They’re still going to let him out.

Welcome to my world. I’m leaving.

33 Comments on “Where have I been and Where am I going?”

  1. I assumed that fings was happening, but none of this crap!

    Are you now in NC (note the abbrev…) and all with a roof over your heads?

    dave and hazel

  2. frigginloon says:

    Friggin run!!!!!!! Geez, all we need is another blogger to vanish without a trace 🙂 I hope you have all the success with the bookshop and find a damn safer neighborhood to live.

  3. NobblySan says:

    Bloody hell, Claire. Why does life have to be so damn difficult?

    I’m so sorry that your plans have been forced to change under such circumstances.

    Best wishes.

  4. duncanr says:

    Hope your new home and life in NC brings ‘you and yours’ peace, and happiness

  5. It certainly sounds as if you’re meant to be moving to another place.
    Best of luck with the trip. Please do keep up informed as you get the store up and running. I love bookstores.

  6. yorksnbeans says:

    What a mess. Yes, good move for all of you to get out of Dodge! Your trip goes right through my neck of the woods (Atlanta). Where in NC will you be living? That’s one of my home states (10th grade – college). Lived in Hickory, went to school in Greensboro. We’ll practically be neighbors! Safe travels!

  7. WOW – that is the wrong kind of excitement! I am sorry to hear about how your 2010 has started, but maybe this means that everything will only improve drastically from here! Best of luck with your move, new home and the bookstore as well! I’m looking forward to learning all about it! 🙂

    • Thank you, Robert. I’m still very excited about moving and starting the store. The robbery has been a speedbump and it’s sad but everything I lost was just things. I’m taking the important things with me 🙂

  8. Claire, I was just hthinking a few minutes ago about what I believed…and that it was that everything is connected, although I’m not sure how or why. Forgive my interpretation, but I think you got – and responded to – a powerful message that all of you needed to go. And, in my world, paying attention to those messages always leads to the next right way.

    So I’m happy all of you are safe and soon on the way to your perfect place.

  9. Holy schmidtz! That’s some serious crazy stuff. I’m glad you and yours are alright, (for the most part). I’m happy to hear that you’re “going for it” and making such a big and bold move. All my best and wishes for the success, happiness and safety.

  10. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    Good lord Tracy! How awful and scary. I’m so glad Joey’s okay and that you ALL are moving out together, otherwise you’d be constantly worrying as would Tim.

    Yay, you get to get the store up and running. Can’t think of a better person my dear.

    I’m coming out of my hermit cave again and joining life. Been a real tough few months.

  11. I will say that is the best sob story excuse I have ever read for not posting a blog lately.

    Glad everyone is safe and hope the journey is a good one to your new home and not a remake of the movie Vacation.

  12. Dr. Spots says:

    wow, Claire. when it rains it pours, no?

    anyway, welcome to the southeast.

  13. George says:

    Wow! Sounds like you’ve been having a rough time, Claire. I hope everything improves after you finally finish moving. I pray that you and your family remain safe until then and even after.

  14. nursemyra says:

    Shit! That’s a scary tale. Glad you’re all ok and hope the move goes well

  15. Wow, crazy story Claire. All the best on your new adventure.

  16. Claire –

    I’m glad to hear everyone is ok and you’re finally leaving that godforsaken electric eye you used to call home. Now you’ll finally join the rest of us, moving our clocks forwards and backwards for outdated reasons every year. Huzzah!

  17. Donald Mills says:

    I told you young people were trouble.

    I hope you and your family are safe and well.


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