A Grand Birthday



My birthday party this year was a grand event.

The day started bright and early with my family of six piling into my truck like sardines. We drove for four hours, the wind coming in the windows growing considerably cooler as we drove north.  The speakers maintained a continuous stream of music ranging from brand new pop music that made the teenagers happy to the classics that make my husband and I feel young while at the same time, reminds our children how old we are.

The Grand Canyon is incredible. 

We left the Natural wonder of the world at 9:30 pm and didn’t arrive home until nearly 2 am. The radio crooned quietly to not disturb the sleeping children, both big and small alike and the wind through the windows changed from chilly to fiery as we drove south.

I’m sharing some of the pictures, but this post isn’t about the beauty of the grand canyon.

This post is about spending over seventeen hours in close quarters with my husband and children and enjoying the experience.

It was a great birthday.