Wish List

I know, I know, I know. You guys were wishing I would create a new blog.

Your wish has been granted.


Now you have to answer three questions for me since I updated my blog for you:


1) What do you want for Christmas?


2) Tell me the nicest thing you did this year so Santa knows if you deserve to get what you want.


3) Tell me the naughtiest thing you did this year so I know if you get what you deserve!

On Any Given Sunday

In today’s busy world, many of us flit from one activity to another without taking the time to reflect on the small events that shape our lives.

Last Thursday after working all day, I drove home in rush hour traffic, picked up my second oldest son and took him shopping with me to buy all of the pieces to make Easter special for my family of six. I raced through two stores, buying eggs, Easter basket goodies, groceries, coloring kits, and the other miscellaneous items on my list. I arrive home and unload groceries while my husband begins dinner. My evening slows down just as it’s time to get the little kids in bed. I repeated this entire scene again on Friday, this time returning to the store with my daughter to purchase the items I forgot to purchase on Thursday as well as birthday presents for parties on Saturday.

During all of this, I received a message from a dear friend who told me to “Enjoy the joys of my little ones.”

That thought gave me pause.

My seven year old daughter has been excited all week. Saturday, she went to her very first birthday party that her brothers were not invited to. In her eyes, this was her first show of independence, that she got invited to a birthday party with other little girls, and her brothers couldn’t go. She’s watched with envy for years as her popular older brothers went to parties and had friends come to the house. She and I went shopping alone on Friday. She picked the birthday present. She picked the wrapping paper, the card, and the bows. Early Saturday morning, she was dressed and ready for the party before her brothers were even awake. She behaved well all morning in spite of her bubbling excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed my daughter’s joy.

So this Easter Sunday, or on any given Sunday, or any moment that you can, enjoy the joy of those you love.


Claire Collins is the author of Images of Betrayal and Fate and Destiny.

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you? How about the elves, the reindeer, and Mrs. Claus? I hope everyone had a great year. I was a very good girl this year.

I didn’t ground the children for life. Yes, I know I threatened to. Maybe that was bad? But I didn’t do it.

I showed my husband I loved him. Okay, so he sometimes doesn’t listen, and his side of the closet is still a mess. Oh, and the car still makes that funny noise when I brake, but that’s okay, I still hugged and kissed him every day. Even when he really made me mad and even when the kisses were done while he was sleeping since I wasn’t talking to him.

I was a good girl at work, too. I didn’t fire anybody all year. Well, except that one girl, but she really deserved it. Oh, and there was that guy too, but he had been warned.

So, for the most part, I’ve been a very good girl this year. You didn’t see that little altercation at the grocery store did you? That was totally not my fault. She cut in line. Someone had to put her in her place. Besides, she only got stitches. It could have been much worse. By the way, when you get my sister’s letter, don’t believe it. I wasn’t nearly as mean as she says.

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t the best girl all year, but for most of the…

Who am I kidding? Just take whatever I could have gotten and donate it to a good charity. I’ll take my lump of coal. I’ve been meaning to light a fire under someone anyway.


Claire Collins