Hot Fun in the Summertime

Summer has arrived.

Technically, it’s only May and summer doesn’t really arrive until June 21 this year, but where I live, summer is in full force.

It’s 102 degrees as I write.

Tommorrow, its supposed to be 106, and the forecast predicts 110 by Tuesday.

It’s only May.

On the plus side, the kids will live in the pool for the next four months. I may get some writing done.

47 Comments on “Hot Fun in the Summertime”

  1. amydetrempe says:

    I lived in Tucson for 3.5 years. I remember it being hot that early in the year. Thank goodness you have the pool.

  2. I live in a tiny little house in a bad neighborhood, but at least I have a pool.

    If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d never leave the back yard. School’s out in a week. The kids probably won’t leave the pool now until November.

  3. What part of Hell do you reside in? 110? Jumpin’ frog legs! That’s ridiculous. How will you be able to stay out by the pool come August when it’s 312 degrees? Good luck with the writing.

  4. Here, we call Hell “Arizona”. It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here.

    It really isn’t even a nice place to visit unless you like dirt and cactus. The excuse for living around here is that it’s a “dry heat”. Screw that. Hot is hot.

    By the time August rolls around, the pool feels like a giant bathtub. We just stay inside in the air conditioning since we’re paying about $20 a day to run the air anyway.

  5. I’ve just become grateful for sultry, humid Virginia summers. Actually, I’ve always been grateful for them, and love them, even though we do not have air conditioning in our home or our vehicles (don’t ask).

    My husband’s friends at work give him a hard time because he “made me” have a baby at home in July with no AC. Of course, I also get mad props for having had that 9 lb. 6 oz. monster in said home.

    • I am so in awe of you. First, you don’t have A/C? I’m not a big fan of humidity either.
      Second, a baby at home in July? And then said baby was 9 lbs, 6 oz? Good Lord. My biggest was 9lb. 1oz, and he got stuck. I had c-sections after that.

      I’m going back to the pool now. Anyone have some spf 600 I can borrow?

  6. alantru says:

    You have summer? I’ve got winter. The furnace is still on and chugging like some fire breathing monster.

    Your pool sounds nice. Me, I’ll cozy up to my space heater and hope tonight’s howling wind doesn’t knock out the power here — for the second time. We just had 20 minutes of blackness.

    Where’d I put my parka?

    • Alan,
      I don’t even know if my furnace works. I don’t own a winter coat. I do own a spaceheater bought years ago when we had a cold spell. I have no idea where it is now.

      I’ll trade you one day of summer here, pool and all, for one day of winter there!

      • alantru says:

        Okay, that seems fair. But I also want a season to be named later. And two autumn drafts picks.

        Yay! Sport’s metaphor. That means I can scratch myself.

  7. Fine, but then I get to pick a season too.
    And that isn’t fair, you were scratching yourself before you started commenting!

    • alantru says:

      Have you been reading my diary?


      • I think it has something to do with the big dog head on the man’s body.

        Scratching is to be expected. When you start licking yourself, I’m outta here.

        Oh wait, This is MY blog. If you start licking yourself, I’m going to come to your blog and create havoc.

        Damn, I already did that.

        Ok, well.. Hmm If you start licking yourself, I’m going to smack you on the head with a rolled up paper!

      • alantru says:

        “Cogito, ergo sum”

        I lick myself because I can.

        But don’t quote me on that.

  8. I read your diary.
    Bad! Bad Alan!

  9. I live in northern California and its been pretty hot the last few days, I am not ready for hot just yet. And I am certainly not licking anything…heat rash and all.

    • FJ,
      Ohhh Northern California…
      If the tires on my car hadn’t melted I could’ve driven to California.

      I hear there’s this wet stuff there and they have all kinds of names for it like rain, oceans, rivers…

      Alan’s trading me a summer day for a winter day, and seasons to be named later. (Don’t tell him we only have summer here)

      What are you willing to trade to send me some wet stuff?

  10. Wow 26 comments and most of them are about Alan licking his nuts. From heat, to hell to nuts.

    I love how people talk up sedona as soooo beautiful you want to move there. I went, saw a big red rock and said that is cool, when do we leave.

  11. I’m sure “hot fun” has taken on a whole new meaning for you, Claire. Although, the hotness of Alantru licking himself is somewhat debatable.

    I can only guess, but his avatar is more cute than hot. In a snuffly, licky, furry kind of way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. To each her own.

  12. George says:

    Wow! The only place I’ve ever been that was that hot was Palm Spring. It was 110 with the sun going down. I’ve never been that hot in the dark before in my life. Well, except for prom night….

    • George,
      Hey! Thanks for coming by!

      How about this? In July and August, we swim at night more than during the day because it’s too hot to swim when the sun’s out. At night, It’s still in the hundreds.

  13. bill says:

    112 is nothing when there’s no humidity.

    • I grew up in Missouri and I was in New Orleans in August for my sister’s wedding. I don’t miss humidity at all, I’ll just stay in the air conditioning no matter where I am. Hot is hot!

  14. a 110, holy cow that’s hot, it doesn’t get but around 95 where I’m from. Stay cool, just stay indoors or live in the pool too, either way be safe.

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